About Ayurveda

Ayurveda or ” Ayurvedic medicine ” ( science of life ) is a wisdom and medicine from India . In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda is a combination of the words: “Ayur” meaning “life” and “Veda” meaning “science”.
It offers a sustainable well-being in life, both individual families and society. It places man in his dimension to both physical and spiritual.

Ayurveda is a unique healing system which believes that there are no boundaries for providing relief from diseases. Ayurveda provides multi dimensional approach for Health and Longevity as well as for prevention and treatment of diseases. Modern era has realized that the true need of medical science is not only to get rid of diseases, but to provide a safe and reliable health care which has to be free from side effects.
The aim of Ayurvedic treatment is to maintain and reconstitute normalcy in psychosomatic elements of an individual. For achieving this state there are three means wiz.

  • Daivayapashraya (Divine/ Spiritual Therapy)
  • Yuktivyapashraya (Scientific/Biological Therapy)
  • Satvavajaya (Psychotherapy)

Ayurveda and Spirituality

Though Ayurveda is considered as a natural healing system, Spirituality is one of the most important aspect of Ayurveda, which provides unlimited number of possibilities in Ayurveda which makes Ayurveda a complete healing system. Spirituality in Ayurveda changes the definition of health and shows us difference between Health and true Health.

Nowadays lot of People complain of being feeling sick and on examination nothing is diagnosed. And for some patients even after lot of various conventional treatments they are not cured properly. Those problems are said to be as psychosomatic disorders in which troubled mind affects the health of the individual.
Often there is debate about the curability of diseases. Some easily curable diseases are difficult to cure or not curable in some people, why it is like that? Ayurveda defines such diseases as a result of our faulty deeds in previous life or Deva. So only for that we have to use the above described three means accordingly and bring back healthy state of individuals.

According to Ayurveda there is a goal is for Life. Each and Every physically and mentally healthy person is working hard to achieve this. So purposeful life is a achievement everyone wants to obtain.
All too often we find people having no purpose and are forced to fulfil the expectations of society so they lacks the self worth and confidence and makes life meaningless and purposeless and creates physical and mental disorders.

The most famous example of illness caused by this is Cancer. By suppressing life people creates Life within their body as Cancer. Seriously ill people are always asked to follow strictly the advice of the Doctor, Regardless what they love to do. This is the responsibility of Ayurvedic Doctor (if such patients are undergoing Ayurvedic treatment) to help or inspire awaken to their own divine nature.
When patients are taught they have this Divinity in themselves, they feel a connection to Life and God. For atheists, we speak of some mysterious power, which is synonymous to God. So this allows patients to feel they have a handle on life and an ability to develop their own inner nature. After this, secondary therapies of herbs, diet, meditation, etc. are offered, as they follow up on these ideas, some remarkable recoveries are seen.
Spiritual Ayurveda is the necessity of this fast moving world and that’s why it comes up as one of the major option for hopeless people who are carrying their longstanding diseases as their worst nightmares for years and years and making their lives miserable.

Ayurveda -A New Hope

Today we are living in highly Mechanical World and all the machines around us needed some sort of servicing to keep them running smoothly and we know that and we make sure everything is done on time to keep our Needs and Desires fulfilled but we forget about Most Complex Machine i.e. Human Body. Or our Body also needs some sort of servicing.

But it is confusing for lot of people because for them not only Body but Mind also needs some sort of special care to keep it in good shape and stress free.

Again a question arrives that for what we need to do a Servicing for our Body and Mind?

Toxins are the main cause for such servicing. Well there are Physical Toxins and Mental Toxins which are continuously produced in our Body and Mind but up to some extent they are expelled also by the defense mechanism of Our Body and Mind.

Improper Life style and Food habits are the foremost cause for the Toxins. The rate of production of the toxins depends upon various factors like Constitution of the person, Weather, Age, Eating habits, life style followed and the most controversial The Unseen Previous Life.
In this Materialistic World we can enjoy everything only if we have Good Health. Nothing can fulfil the absence of Good Health.
Ayurveda has explained two basic principles to maintain health:

  • Maintain the health of Healthy person
  • Get rid of the troubles of Diseased

Wellness Cure comes from the first principle of Ayurveda. Of course it is not the same but the idea comes from here.
Ayurveda has been following this from very long time and now people are aware of the need of maintaining the health of themselves.

Again I want to put light on some example about Car and Human Body.
If we own a car we service it time to time to keep it running smoothly even we can buy spares easily but still we care to make sure it never ditches in important time.
But Human body a very complex machine than care impossible to find spares doesn’t take our attention until problem arises. Most of the people are not lucky to get rid of the problems.
So to avoid such troubles we have to consider our body for a cleanse or servicing. But now a days with so hectic life it is not enough to clean body it is necessary to clean mind also.

Spiritual Ayurveda is the answer for that. Spirituality with the Goodness of Ayurveda Cleans Body and Mind with most sophisticated way in tailor made programs for each Individual.
Ayurveda has a unique identity for each patient depending upon the constitution of each Individual.
So it means we can’t apply same thing to everyone. This explains its superiority among other wellness programs.

Dr Manan Soni.