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The idea that it exists some food better than other is absolutely erroneous. The little radish from the garden has as value as a Goji berry. The new science that aim at analyzing and classifying food per their compounds, antioxidant value,etc. does not take in account the essential and fundamental criteria that can determine if a food is beneficial to us or not and in which proportion.

The Ayurvedic criteria include the Virya ( hot or cold potential ), the Rasa ( the taste ), the Vipaka ( the post digestive effect ), the Prabhava ( special effect ),…as well as the Nature of the person ( Prakriti ) and its current health state ( Vikriti ).

Each product in the Nature is divine in its own way. There is none better than another if we know how to appreciate it and use it accordingly. There is a whole market and business around those new food items that we are sold, and eventually it makes no sense in the light of the traditional medicinal wisdom. It is also important to look back at their traditional and cultural usage ( which context, which dosage,etc. ) in order to understand if they are adapted for us or not.


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