Ayurveda & Cancer II : The crucial role of Mind and Karma



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Cancer is considered as one of the most deadly disease of its time which has taken so many lives and still counting.

Scientists from all over the world are working to find out some incredible solutions for it without disrupting the Harmony of the Patient’s Body and Mind and they not there yet.

So, the question arises: Why they are not there yet?


The answer is quite simple but the biased mindset of the modern science doesn’t take Mind as an entity to cause this deadliest Disease neither consider any importance of it in the treatment as well.


The definition of Health itself speaks about the wellbeing of Mind.

Human Body is a complex machine for a radical scientific society but a temple for a Spiritual Scientist such as an Ayurvedic Doctor.


Spirituality in simple words is a way to understand the needs of the Mind either to fulfill its needs or either to understand why those needs can’t be fulfilled.


Mind Body co-ordination is very important to live a healthy disease free life.

Ayurveda is a Mind Body Medicine which is empowering Harmony to Patient’s Body and Mind from centuries.


Ayurveda classify diseases based on the cause. They are of three kinds viz

  1. Karmaja Vyadhi – Includes Diseases that originate due to bad deeds of the past lives, or of

present life or of both past and present lives.

  1. Doshaja Vyadhi –  Diseases which arise from the specific causes, which lead to  Doshas

increase and then to disease manifestation

  1. DoshaKarmaja Vyadhi – combination of bad deeds and indulgence in causes of disease result

in disease.


Cancer can be considered under Karmaja and Doshakarmaja Vyadhi .

Also, it can surpass the boundaries of Life and Death (Karma) until it is resolved.

We strongly believe that the role of Karma is always there for the manifestation of Cancer. I will not go deep to speak about it as it is always a controversial topic for the Science and the World we are living in. But it cannot be denied by them for long time.

And by explaining that we can clarify why even new born are diagnosed with different types of cancer.


Cancer in simple words of a Humble Ayurveda Physician is “A disease in which new life starts to Grow inside us when we suppress the life within us”.

How we suppress life in us?

  • When  conflicts arise between what we want and what we have in our Life.
  • By having lack of Contentment
  • With having Sky mounting Expectations from self or others
  • By inappropriate expression of our feelings, keeping emotional suppression or overexpression (shame, guiltiness, anger, frustration, jealousy, etc.)
  • With a Lack of spirituality and disconnection with the divine in us
  • From Social, cultural, familial oppressions


Spiritual Ayurveda can help to bring back the balance between all of the above said with enhancing the harmonization of The Body Mind and Spirit.

There is no denial that the manifestation of the cancer lies within Somatic planes but its creation lies in the Psychic planes.

Science has done lot of advancement with time but still there is no technology which can explore the unsolved riddles of Mind and Karma.

Without rearranging the balance in the mind it is not possible to get rid of the cancer that is why a lot of People have reoccurrence of Cancer.

Body Mind Calibration is needed to be fine tuned to get rid of the Cancer permanently.

In Ayurveda we don’t treat any disease; we just make Mind and Body strong enough to heal itself unlike Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy or other tools in Modern Medicine which targets to make Cancer cells weaker or destroy them, ending up making the Patient weaker or destroying him/her on both PsychoSomatic levels. Most of the Patients die because of such treatments not because of the Cancer.

So for the treatment of Cancer or any other disease when combined with Spiritual Ayurveda bestows the Magical results.

Spirituality is a very effective tool to counteract the Karma. And Ayurveda is time tested Mind Body medicine for Body and Mind anomalies. For sure, each person need some specific remedies to nullify the karma and Mind Body troubles and for that Spiritual Ayurveda is the optimum solution.

Spiritual Ayurveda in short is a specific lifestyle which emphasize on each aspect of our life and best possible ways to handle it.

It can be applicable in any field related to the Body, Mind and Spirit.

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