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Dr. Manan Soni & Emmanuelle Dessaigne




Dr Manan Soni, B.A.M.S ( Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery )  is a young Doctor in his thirties devoting his life to assist people in their path towards felicity, happiness and life.

After 7 years of studies from RGUHS university Bangalore, and upon graduation as an Ayurvedic Doctor, he comes back to Bir, his hometown in North India, to fulfill his grand-father promise to take care of the village’s native and hold a dedicated place for treatments here.

His great grand-father, Bhawani Das, was a Vaidya himself and wanted the lineage to continue. He wrote many precious books in Urdu, a language now disappearing, where we can read in between the torn and aged pages all his commitment and dedication for Ayurveda.

Soon after his grand-father passed away , Dr Manan Soni hence decides to set his own clinic in Bir and after 4 years of work in collaboration that lead him to treat many patients in France, he decides to take a step further and creates his own Centre – Bhawani Ayurveda – in order to take care of the patients 24/7 and offer unique cures and treatments.

His whole career is blessed with patients from around the world ( France, Germany, Italia, Russia United Arab Emirates, Canada, United States…) that honored him with their trust for their health and can now relate great improvement. He successfully treated disorders and addressed conditions such as -allergies, asthma , arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome , colitis, high cholesterol, depression , diabetes, digestive disorders, heart disease, hypertension , immune problems, infections , inflammation, insomnia , nervous disorders, obesity , skin problems, and ulcers,  obesity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalagia, multiple Sclerosis, digestive complaints, elimination problems, arthritis, sexual and fertility disorders, Tourette syndrome, and mental imbalances…- Note that all those disease appellations are not the same in the Ayurvedic approach as Ayurveda understands the body in another way hence a digestive complaint may be called Vataja Grahani in our terms. (To understand more the Ayurvedic approach and the allopathic approach please read here and here. )

Though his free time is rare, he spend it writing and researching about plants and improving his knowledge of Life and Ayurveda in order to develop his skills to serve people and humanity better. He wrote multiple articles about gemstones, alchemy, spirituality, herbs and the medicinal properties,etc. hoping to compile and share it one day.

Dr.Manan Soni is also writer and contributor for the famous online magazine EverydayAyurveda.org.


Career and lineage
Son of Vijay Kumar Soni, heir of Harnam Das Soni and Vaidya Bhawani Das.
Disciple of Gurudji Eshwar Reddy et Malikarjuna Dambal, both in the Alchemist lineage.










Biography, Career & Diplomas

Life lead me from France, where I am born, raised and did a literary path …to Montreal, where I followed another way as a Senior System Engineer for a big american company of voice recognition during 7 years,…to Bir where I am settled since August 2016 in order to work with and assist Dr Soni.

I know, from now, my Life will not only involve Ayurveda : it will be Ayurveda. I bow to the wisdom that guides me and calls me every day, to write, to share, the blessings that I received and the teachings that I understood. I bow in curiosity every day in front of the natural magnificence and ancestral knowledge, I shower my life with it in order to make it shine on all those that will cross my path, to bring harmony and balance, without even my contribution but my deference.

Being able to be implied and share the path of Ayurveda, being a part of this sacred lineage is my joy and my honor. I learn what is to be human, to distinguish the patterns of imbalance and disease and to treat it with all possible means.

In my free time, I forget hours reading about health, spirituality, nature, plants, I draw, I write…articles, poems.

As a Geobiologist, Therapist in Ayurveda and future Herbalist-Clinician/Naturopath, I hope to humbly contribute to a peaceful horizon, bright and healthy, that will come through the awakening of each and everyone of us.

My articles for Ayurveda are published on the online reference magazine for Ayurveda : EverydayAyurveda.org

To read all my other articles as well as my poems I invite you on my website Callistea.com and my Facebook Page.

I also preside the ‘Love Medicine’ Association, for an integrative medicine. The book and documentary entitled the same will be in theatres and libraries in Spring 2020. Please join us and discover more on the Website and Facebook Page.