Dr. in Ayurveda

Dr.Manan Soni

Le Dr Manan Soni, B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery),  est un jeune Docteur Indien trentenaire qui dévoue sa vie à assister les gens dans leur cheminement vers la santé.

After 7 years of study at the RGUHS University in Bangalore and obtaining his bachelor degree in Ayurveda including prizes and distinctions for his knowledge of Sanskrit et des and Vedic wisdom, he returns to his native village in the North of India, Bir,  afin d’accomplir la promesse faite à ses grands-parents d’y tenir un espace dédié à la santé.

A devotion for Ayurveda

His history

En effet, son arrière-grand-père le Vaidya Bhawani Das, également médecin Ayurvédique, souhaitait que ce savoir ancestral se transmette dans la famille et que l’legacy continues. Ainsi bercé depuis ses 8 ans dans l’Ayurveda, Le Dr. Manan Soni commença par la lecture des livres qu’il lui laissa en Urdu, une langue en voie de disparition actuellement, ou il découvrit entre les pages usées et déchirées toute son implication pour l’Ayurveda.

A la fin de ses études, le Dr Manan Soni décide alors d’set up his own small clinic à Bir et d’y soigner les natifs gratuitement pendant un an; puis s’en suivent 4 ans de travail en collaboration avec une ONG qui le conduisent à soigner de nombreux patients.

In 2016, he decides to go further and build a Center on the upper floors of the family house in order to be able to offer full care through Panchakarma (health cure), his specialization.

Ayurveda is a medicine of life, a medicine of hope.

Dr.Manan Soni

His career has been blessed by patients around the world (France, Canada, Israel, Germany, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates, USA…) who have honored him with their trust. Specialist in serious pathologies even considered incurable or incomprehensible, he has successfully addressed health conditions such as:

Cancers, hormonal disorders, obesity, allergies, asthma, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, insomnia, digestive disorders, cardiac disorders, hypertension, immunological problems, infections, inflammations, nervous disorders, ulcers, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis,…

Note that these names are not the same in the Ayurvedic approach because Ayurveda understands the body in another way. For example, a digestive disorder could be called Vataja Grahani in our terms.


During their visits to Europe, Dr. Soni and his wife give conferences and offer privileged meetings to share the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda.

In photo, at the 1st Congress of Integrative Oncology, Geneva 2019.

And for INREES, Paris 2019.

Career and lineage

Son of Vijay Kumar Soni, descendant of Harnam Das Soni and 

Vaidya Bhawani Das.

Disciple of Gurudji Eshwar Reddy and Malikarjuna Dambal, both from the lineage of Alchemists.

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