Programme 2021 INDE/EUROPE


Printemps 2021 INDE: Cures du 20 Avril à début Juin. Réservations ouvertes.

Été 2021 FRANCE: Rencontres dans diverses villes de France. Planning à venir.

Automne 2021 INDE: Le Centre sera fermé cet automne.

Printemps 2022 INDE: Le Centre sera ouvert pour les cures. Dates à venir. Réservations ouvertes.


Ayurvedic assessment, personalized advice & pulse reading

Program and details to come!

De passage dans diverses villes, le Dr. Soni, Vaidya ( Dr. en Médecine Traditionnelle Indienne) propose de poser le regard de l’Ayurveda sur ce qui vous affecte et d’y associer un programme personnalisé.

  • Si vous souffrez de désordres chroniques ou de symptômes particuliers dont vous souhaitez comprendre la signification
  • If you want to take back responsibility and autonomy over your life
  • Si vous avez l’impression de faire beaucoup de choses sans pour autant avoir de résultats
  • If you want to finally meet an approach that listens to you and understands you in all your uniqueness
  • If you want to discover one of the largest comprehensive and multi-millennial health system
  • If you want to discover one of the largest comprehensive and multi-millennial health system...
  • If you want to receive keys for your development,

Dr. Soni will be happy to meet you.

Noter que le bilan* se fait en deux parties:

1-Prise de pouls ( durée 10-15 minutes ): Autour du lever du soleil, à jeun, sans avoir mangé ni bu.

2-Echange et bilan (durée 1H30 à 2H), durant la même journée, ou les jours suivants.


PRICE: 100 euros. 40 Euros for follow-up.



* It is up to you to follow or not the advice offered and, without replacing the one of your Doctor or the Healthcare professional following you, it can complement it.

Organized with our partners, colleagues and friends

& events

Information to come on the next programming.


Stéphanie Lanon

My approach is the one that arose from my experiences. It is therefore devoid of sectarian aberrations, political, religious or philosophical dogmas. My interventions live in light of direct experience of what is observed, felt, understood in the moment, beyond preconceived beliefs, labels and diagnoses.

Centre Aromayurvéda

Transformation, Well-being, Consciousness - Traditional Ayurvedic treatments, rejuvenation cures, individual and personalized workshop through Sound to reconnect with their heart, support for the person in their life changes. Isabelle Imbert & Gilles Bédard.

Tathata Ayurveda & Yoga

In order to open up perspectives and answers to the ailments that affect us, to discover Ayurveda, to demystify erroneous knowledge and to work in partnership with all medical systems for an integrative, more sensible, more human approach.


Plural and independent media.
Meet those who, like you, like us, are being questioned. A day, a year or a lifetime, faced with the mystery of existence.
Together, we will be able to overcome the challenges of this century. Together we may be able to build a legacy for all mankind.


Both an event and travel agency, Sensorialys organizes internships in the fields of health, nutrition and personal development.


L’Amour Médecin is a social project comprising a book and documentary to be published on the initiative of Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne bringing together more than 50 stakeholders from around the world for a different approach to life and living.


The Extraordinary Experiences Research Institute brings together experts around unexplained phenomena referred to as extraordinary experiences.

Previous events

If you want to organize with us:

Previous events:

JUNE 14, 2019, Paris, Conference L’Ayurvéda, une Médecine ancestrale by Dr. Manan Soni and Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne at the 4th Festival of the Extraordinary of INREES.

28 to 30 JUNE 2019, Geneva, 1st INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF HEALTH (CIS) IN INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY, organized by Swiss Alternative Medicine, interventions by Dr. Manan Soni & Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne.

SEPTEMBER 21 and 22, 2019, Montreal, 2nd International Congress on Integration of Therapies, bringing together around ten speakers from Love Medicine for a meeting with the public and a time for discussion, organized by Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne and Laurent Roussel from EDNCO.

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