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Bhawani Ayurveda

The Centre is located on the upper floors of Dr. Soni's family house, in the upper part of Bir, a small peaceful village renowned for its spiritual aura and its pastoral landscapes in the foothills of the Himalayas (about 1500m above sea level) where the warm sunsets enchant the sky above ancestral trees, rivers and a fertile nature.

At about 30 minutes on foot and within a vast mountainous nature, arise magnificent monasteries and graceful temples, as Bir holds also a Tibetan colony created in the early 1960s following the exile of the Dalaïlama. Here, Buddhist settlements bring a unique blend of spiritual and cultural heritage.

Bir is also a famous place for world paragliding competitions, so the Centre is sometimes a guest house, occasionally hosting paragliders and travelers wishing to restore.

The Centre is open in spring and autumn for Panchakarma cures (click for information). Dr. Soni and his wife are the rest of the time in Europe (click for information) for seminars, courses, conferences and advices in Ayurveda.

All the bedrooms have a balcony and are fully equipped (double bed, wardrobe, en-suite private bathroom with sink / shower / WC with hand shower and desk area for those on the top floor). The rooms can accommodate two people. Each room is named after a flower in Sanskrit.

WiFi is available in all the Centre.

  1er floor


-Common sundeck with chairs and table in a closed veranda that can be used as an office or reading room

-Kitchen usedas laundry space with household necessities, shared washing machine and washing lines


  2nd floor

3 therapy rooms, including one with an adjacent bathroom

- Common bathroom

- Consultation office

- Waiting or resting room, with a small library


  3rd floor

-2 rooms, PARIJATA and SHAMPAK

- Separated kitchen (reserved for staff)

-2 bathroom shared

-Restaurant for patients only

- Open-air terrace overlooking the Himalayas mountains



Towards the northern mountains!

How to get there?












The Centre is located in Bir, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, between Nepal, Kashmir and Pakistan, in the foothills of the Himalayas, the birthplace of Ayurveda.

The closest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airportin New Delhi

There are direct flights from most major cities.

From there, several options to reach us:

  • By Bus ( around 12 heures )
  • By Cab, sent by us (around 10 hours)
  • By internal flight to Dharamshala airport (around 2 hours) where a cab sent by us can then take you to the Centre (around 2H30 hours). Note that depending on your time of arrival in Delhi, there may not be an internal flight on the same day, in that case you should plan an overnight stay in New Delhi.
To visit around Bir

Bir and Tibetan Colony

Discover the landscapes surrounding the Center, between mountains, rivers and wheat fields.


Discover the different rooms of the Centre, each named after a flower in Sanskrit.

Shared spaces

Discover the restaurant and the salon, as well as the therapy rooms.

Shopping & places nearby

Bir has a post office and various small stores for daily necessities (toiletries, shoes, clothes, etc).
The village of Chauntra is nearby, then Baijnath (about 40 minutes by car), where one of the oldest temples of Shiva is located. Further on, Palampur (about 1 hour), a larger town with shops and markets.


Dharamshala (about 2 hours) in its lower part houses an Indian market and in its upper part, the Mc Leod Ganj with the temple of the Dalai Lama, a Tibetan market and numerous institutes providing teachings.

Deer Park Institute

Deer Park Institute: Study of classical Indian wisdom, lectures, workshops, renowned scholars and meditation teachers. Programs include yoga, ecology, permaculture, Buddhism. There is also a small library and a small temple.

Dharmalaya Institute

an eco-NGO dedicated to education, service and compassion, focused on sustainable village development, contemplative service learning and immersive ecotourism. Dharmalaya organizes work and meditation retreats, providing opportunities for volunteers and students in long-term meditation. The programs include earthen construction, eco-architecture, vocational training for villagers, organic farming and a tree planting project. Visitors should contact them through the website prior to their visit, as they are sometimes closed to visitors for silent retreats and special programs.

Monastère Sherabling

An extraordinary monastery about 30 minutes from Bir.


(+ 91 ) 98 57 460 215


Upper Bir Rd

Bir, Himachal Pradesh

176077, India


We invite you to book in advance for a cure or to join us at various events in Europe.

Opening seasons

The Centre welcomes you in spring and fall.

Dr. Soni and his wife are in Europe in summer and winter.

Contact us for more information.

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