Panchakarma, towards true health

The experience of a lifetime

Sous la supervision du Dr.Soni et de son épouse et pour une durée de plusieurs semaines selon ce qui vous affecte vous est proposé une cure profonde nommée Panchakarma.

On the right, here is the definition of health according to Suśruta Saṃhitā, one of the fundamental texts of Ayurveda.

It can be translated by:

A balanced body whose mind, soul and senses are filled with bliss.

It is clearly established that having a functional body is not enough to be healthy. Health is about a state of mind, about a divine fulfillment. Thus, in a holistic view, Ayurveda take in consideration all aspects of life in order to assist you in the return to harmony and full health.

Redefining health

समदोषाः समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रियाः

प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते ३८

सु. सू. १५

Su. Sū. 15

sama doṣāḥ samāgniś ca sama dhātu mala kriyāḥ,

prasannātmendriya manāḥ svastha ityabhidhīyate.


Une rencontre préalable avec nous (en présentiel ou en ligne) est nécessaire avant toute réservation de cure

Details of the cure

Our vision of health
Why the Panchakarma?
How does it work?
And after?
The food
Why choosing us?
Am I ready? Is it for me?

Like the rain and the sun hitting the fields alternately, we are in constant transformation and evolution. In us, something is born and dies every second. The effects of our diet, our environment, our thoughts, our attitude, our lifestyle and our habits, we may or may not be prone to imbalances.
Health is therefore this state of balance and harmony to be sustained through life, just like standing while riding the waves of a stormy sea. Health is the result of an intuitive and constant effort, also made of improvisations and adjustments.
Our bodies have an extraordinary ability to self-regenerate and adapt to even extreme conditions. However, everything has a limit and when these are crossed, internal homeostasis becomes disorganized and we experience disorders and diseases that force our life to seek to renew it.

Prevention is key

By prevention, we mean not only individualized and adapted food and daily hygiene, but also integrity in speech, attitude and relationships, towards ourselves and towards the world.
There are 6 stages in the development of a disease (Samprapti). It is quite easy to deal with the problems in the very early stages so that we can enjoy our life without too many constraints and restrictions.
When problems start to show up, it is more difficult to cure them, and that includes effort and time.

Restore the body's natural balance

This is accomplished by working on all sides: physically, physiologically, mentally, spiritually, because disease almost always arises from causes multifactorial.
Our role at the Center is not so much to cure the disease, but to heal the person - that is, to bring more 'awareness' to help them understand how heal itself. In this way, not only is the disease no more, nor its consequences and symptoms, but there is also no longer the opportunity for it to manifest itself again because the person frees himself from what has caused it. maintained or manifested as well as the related dependencies.
Our role is to advise and raise awareness of traumas, strengthen the body and mind with the best care that Ayurveda can provide, and invite not to fight faults but to develop qualities inherent in Being.

In Ayurveda, it is possible to approach the disease in several ways, and among these, Panchakarma touches the disease at its roots.
This cure is recommended not only for people already struggling with an illness but also those wishing to do what is necessary to maintain their health.

The Panchakarma purifies and harmonizes at the deepest levels. It is a response and solution to the many problems that often remain at an impasse. It is also a support for those undergoing allopathic treatment and wishing to alleviate the associated side effects.

Panchakarma is a completely individualized, personalizedaccording to the constitution / Nature of the person (Prakriti), his strengths, his digestive capacities, his current state of health in all points (Vikriti), and an infinite number of factors analyzed and taken into account by the Vaidya.

It’s always a unique, appropriate and different program for everyone. Two people suffering from the same disease from an Allopathic point of view (for example: Cancer, Cirrhosis of the liver, etc.), will absolutely not have the same treatment in Ayurvedic medicine.

The Pancharkama cure itself comprises multiple therapies of varying degrees, which are applied in a defined sequence at a defined period. They can be either Shodana (Purifying) or Shamana (Pacifying). In any case, Panchakarma is not a procedure for those who would not be ready to do in-depth work and face some introspection, questioning, discomfort, due to the release of the physical and emotional tensions accumulated. , in order to be able to reach the state of health, that is to say, a peace.

In reality, a healing crisis occurs when a large amount of toxins that have been trapped in our body and mind for years are finally released for elimination. As these are flushed out, one can go through crying, anger, frustration, questioning, experiencing strong bowel movements, headaches, insomnia, mood swings and a variety of things. of symptoms that we will help you get through.

A word on the term Panchakarma

Pancha means Five and Karma means Actions / Procedures, so named because it is therefore a set of five main cleansing procedures. However, there are many other procedures that are also part of a Panchakarma treatment, chosen according to the needs of the patient's body and mind.

The duration of treatment is a minimum of 3 weeks, which can extend to 6 weeks and up to 94 days.

There is no minimum or maximum age for taking a Panchakarma, but it is obvious that the procedures will be selected appropriately.

The following descriptions cover a variety of procedures that may or may not be applicable to you; your personal care line will be detailed to you during the first consultation (pulse reading) and could be subject to changes during the treatment. You may receive several of the therapies listed below, which will span a specific number of days, at a specific time of day, in a specific order. Several treatments can be performed over a day. Different preparations to be taken at mealtimes will most likely accompany the treatment.

Pulse consultation and reading

During the first consultation and the pulse reading, we will listen to your story and the perspectives that bring you. We will complete a document together including all the details and the diagnosis made, and this will be given to you during the final consultation. Then we will develop your own treatment line.

Some rules apply during the treatment, among others: do not indulge in intense physical activities, do not have sexual intercourse, eat less than appetite, restrict speech and auditory stimulation, do not sleep during the day, only shower on an empty stomach in the morning, do not snack, etc. All the rules will be given to you during the first consultation and failure to comply with them could result in stopping the treatment without reimbursement.

“First come the preparations that are digestive and increase hunger, then come the oleation and sweating therapies (Snehana, Svedana), and finally they (the toxins) should be expelled by Shodhana - Vamana (Emetic) therapies. , Virechana (Purgatives), Basti (Enema), Nasyam (ENT) at the right time, and depending on the strength of the patient. ” - Asthanga Hridayam * - 13/29


• Deepana Pachana
This phase involves stimulating and improving the digestive fire as well as targeting specific moods (doshas) and / or toxins. Usually, powders (Churna), are prescribed during meals (before, after or during), for several days.

• Snehana ( Internal oleation )
Medicinal Ghee (which can vary in dosage and type from day to day), is taken early in the morning instead of breakfast for a period of time (1 to 7 days). Medicinal Ghee has multiple effects, chosen based on the things to target. This phase is not the most pleasant, but it is a treasure of Ayurveda considering that Ghee has the ability to reach the deepest tissues of the body, to enter all the circulation channels, to penetrate more away than the body.

• Abhyangam ( massage ) and Svedana ( sudation )
Now that the toxins have been captured by the Ghee, massage and light sweat is required in order to get them to the stomach for their next elimination. The Abhyanga is a strategic massage based on medicinal and warm herbal oil for transdermal penetration to release impurities and stimulate circulation among many other effects. Svedana is a sauna whose water vapor is infused with medicinal herbs, the heart and head are kept cool while the body becomes warm, this to dislodge the physical, mental and emotional toxins lodged in the tissues, without the body does not overheat and stress.

• Vamana
This procedure consists of inducing several vomiting to release the toxins. It is an extremely trying treatment which is indicated and applied only in very special cases and when absolutely necessary, depending of course on the strength of the patient. It is rare that we practice it at the Center.

• Virechana (Purgation)
A specific preparation is given to trigger the elimination of toxins previously captured. Elimination takes place through the intestines which are cleansed completely inducing regular visits to the stool, for one or more days.

• Basti
Translated as “enema,” the original term is primarily used to describe a procedure involving local retention of a medicinal preparation in the intestines, colon, uterus or bladder. However, nowadays the definition has been extended to include local retention in the eyes, joints, heart, etc.
Two types are to be distinguished:
1. Sneha vasti (onctuous-nourishing)
2. Niruha vasti ( decoction-cleaning )
Note that colon hydrotherapies have nothing to compare and are strongly discouraged. It is essential to use an oil-based preparation so as not to aggravate Vata (the colon is a Vata place) and everything must be practiced according to very specific steps.

• Nasyam
Consists of administering oil, powder or juice of herbs and plants through the nose, which cleanses the circulation channels for Prana (Vital, Fundamental Energy). Thus, the whole O.R.L system and brain / cognitive functions are improved.

• Shirodhara
Consists of the continual flow of medicinal herb oil or decoction on the forehead for a given time (from 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes or more). It is a “simple”, safe and effective way to align the chakras, work with the Spirit, and balance the coordination of the body and the system as a whole.

• Udvartana
Is a dry massage based on medicinal herb paste or powder. It is a treatment often used in cases of obesity or engorgement.

• Pinda Swedana
Is a deep cleansing treatment based on rice boiled in milk and herbs that deeply penetrate the tissues and joints. This treatment is deeply relaxing and regenerating while being detoxifying.

During the final consultation, we will determine post-treatment recommendations to follow which may include medicinal treatment and new habits in order to continue and maintain the effects of the treatment.

If one or more other cures are necessary we will explain to you in which season (s) it would be appropriate and for how long.

It is advisable to return to your daily life and to work gradually, although this is not always possible. The effects of the cure are deep and long lasting, and may not be felt for months afterwards. It is important to continue to take care of yourself with compassion and understanding, observing the evolution that is taking place within yourself and remaining determined.

Panchakarma is only effective if a specific diet is followed at the same time.
It is a “Vegan” type diet (without meat, without fish, without milk, without egg, without butter) mainly composed of Dal (lentil soup) and seasonal vegetables, accompanied by rice or chapati (non pancake. fermented from native wheat). All food is fresh daily, cooked, and no raw food is allowed except in special cases. The food is not spicy, but fragrant spices are used (cumin, turmeric, fennel, ...).

-In order to be digestible
-In order to provide a good assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and proteins
-To improve metabolism
-To avoid the formation of toxins

In Ayurveda, the word for toxin is Ama, which literally translates to "that which is unmetabolized, undigested" (food like thoughts, emotions). It is therefore obvious that digestion plays a more than essential role in health and healing. Unlike new health doctrines, raw foods, raw foods, and juices are not beneficial for everyone and are often difficult to digest.

Some considerations:

• Intolérance au Gluten et allergies alimentaires
In general, people who suffer from Gluten intolerance mostly suffer from intolerance to GMOs and industrial breadmaking, industrial processing of wheat, and on the other hand from unbalanced digestive conditions. At the Center, we use organic whole native wheat flour, so even patients diagnosed with celiac disease have never had a reaction, especially since the treatment helps restore digestive capacity.

• Lentils and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Lentils are often accused of causing gas and being heavy to digest, forgetting that everything is in preparation and cooking. Lentils are one of the best sources of protein and each lens has its own unique properties, Moong being the lightest and most easily digestible.

Why not Kichadi at every meal?

It is common to read that only Kichadi should be consumed during a Panchakarma. In reality, the Himalayan climate here is very different from that of South India. Kichadi is made with rice and Moong lentils. Rice is not recommended in the evening, due to its heavy and cold nature. Moong lentils are the easiest to digest, but it is important to include other types of lentils in order to repair the digestive process without taxing it. On the other hand, Ayurveda is Body-Spirit medicine and the Spirit must also be taken into account. Neglecting diversity in meals by eating only the same thing several times a day for weeks on end inevitably creates frustration, anger, resentment which destabilizes and inevitably impacts the digestive fire. For all these reasons, Kichadi is not the one and only meal during a cure at the Center.

Fortunately, we are not the only ones in the world who practice Ayurveda according to the fundamentals and we humbly give our best efforts to honor this science and this art. However, a word of caution and caution is called for.

• Be cautious of a Panchakarma that would be offered in less than 3 weeks. It is common sense to realize that it takes time and repeated care to heal and rebuild people suffering from chronic diseases and disorders for years. Nothing rushes into Nature and Ayurveda imitates Nature. Just as we don't go from summer to winter all at once, the magic happens the test of patience and time. Do not confuse Panchakarma and wellness / SPA cure which, on the other hand, is often short-lived.
• Be careful if you engage in a Panchakarma which would be proclaimed to be able to be done at home, for the same reasons as above, and for the fact that it is a serious treatment requiring constant supervision and very particular care whether in term of treatments or medicinal preparations, which can in no case be replaced by some products of public distribution and all the more without having first carried out a health assessment taking into account your nature and your state. We have suffered from hearing stories of patients having undergone a cure at home which led to unconsciousness, metabolic syndromes and vagal discomfort, etc.
• Be careful to follow procedures randomly. Self-massage has its rules, especially on the stomach area, even if you suffer from digestive disorders, which should not be done at any time of the day (such as after eating). It only takes a few inappropriate massages to shift the digestive center sometimes, and it can take years before it can be refocused.
• Pay attention to online questionnaires to take stock of your constitution and Doshas, which cannot reliably determine your Pakriti and Vikriti.
• Be careful with self-medication (including Ayurvedic products, herbs, etc.) without the supervision of an Ayurvedic practitioner or a good Naturopath / Herbalist, because even general panaceas (ginger, garlic, turmeric, etc.) may be contraindicated for you.
• Beware of food charters according to Vata / Pitta / Kapha doshas, because these charters are general and do not take into account your nature which is often double, nor your current state of health nor the culinary preparation methods or combinations that change everything .
• Pay attention to recent regimes or programs such as: liver treatment, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, excess raw material, yogic purgation with Shanka Prakshalana salt, coffee enemas, detox and youth cures over the long term, etc. In short, not all of these practices have the knowledge, experience, and millennial hindsight of Ayurveda and - although some things remain appropriate in some cases - it is often inappropriate, incomplete and dangerous. These practices are not for everyone and have gaps in understanding the critical importance of a personalized approach. Unlike many sources and the Internet, all of this has nothing to do with Ayurveda. Please consult an experienced practitioner before committing.

What to expect?
-During the first phase of several days (Deepana Pachana or Ayurvedic powders to be taken with meals), no other treatment generally takes place (neither massage nor other care).
-During Bastis (enema), except in special cases, no other treatment takes place
-A time in front of yourself: we do not offer tourist, wellness or Yoga activities or classes in this sense. Much of your time will be spent at the Center in introspection between treatments or in Nature if you take a walk (however, at certain stages you are asked to stay at the Center without being able to go out).
-Vegan food that may seem repetitive to some (others love it!)
-Mood fluctuations

Am I ready, is it for me?

When we decide to give ourselves deep treatment, it is to experience regenerating, cleaning up, reconnecting or going deeper into our understanding and awareness, to communicate with our life force, with our emotions, with our real nature. It is a gift for taking the time to observe what is happening from within, to listen to it and to serve it. It is a starting point or another step to create the right conditions for the impetus of life, abundance, health, strength and hope.
It is following a program that is more dedicated to life and health, than to illness.
Behind every fear or every trauma there is a will, a desire, a dream. The treatment emphasizes this precisely because only the call of life can make it born or reborn. When a child often catches a cold and gets sick in the winter, the mom can either say "oh you're blowing your nose again you're sick again, rest because you're weak." "Or," oh, here is your immune system which is at the front to fight the cold, soon you will feel better and stronger, encourage it! ".
The fact remains the same, the disease is present, but the attitude is totally different and that is precisely what makes all the difference. Life is encouraged to grow, grow, develop and flourish, something is triggered that completely reprograms body and mind. It’s nothing more than trust, faith, hope.

A Panchakarma is a special time to act with compassion towards ourselves and give ourselves the gift of life.

Obviously it takes a lot of courage, dedication, seriousness, and only you can feel whether it is your call or not; but if you are reading these lines right now, something has already called you.


La durée minimale d’une cure est de 4 semaines et peut aller jusque 9 semaines dépendamment de la saison et ce qui vous affecte.


The treatment line, which includes various treatments and procedures, is individual and determined at the first consultation. It evolves throughout the treatment, under constant supervision.


The price varies according to the duration and the room chosen, you will find them in detail in the Reservation and information form to be downloaded a little below.



Souhaitant préserver une atmosphère calme propice au ressourcement tout en considérant le nombre restreint de chambres, nous ne pouvons recevoir qu’un nombre limité de personnes en même temps par saison.

You are therefore advised to book as soon as possible for a cure, by downloading the form at the link below, to be returned to

Notez qu’un entretien au préalable avec nous (en présentiel ou en ligne) est nécessaire avant toute confirmation de réservation.

Testimonials from all over the world

The BHAWANI Center is a human-sized Ayurvedic center, located on the mountainside in the heights of BIR. The view and the location of the center are magnificent.
Allow a 20-minute walk to reach the city and its Tibetan colony.

I met Doctor Manan during an INREES conference in Paris, which allowed me to get a consultation. During this, the objectives were set taking into account a pathology from which I have suffered for over 45 years, and for which allopathic medicine remains powerless.
So I decided to take the recommended cure.

My Panchakarma cure was spread over seven weeks. During this time and like all patients, I was able to appreciate the care given to myself or other patients with different pathologies.
The traditional panchakarma lavished is without compromise, but accompanied with benevolence and compassion.
All of the care provided is provided by the Doctor himself and the formulation of specific care for each patient.
We are a long way from the more important structures where the doctor is only seen for important moments.

At the end of my stay, the objectives defined six months in advance were met. Digestive system restarted, resulting in 20 kg weight loss and no more crippling joint pain. Complementary treatment over several months was prescribed to me to continue the benefits of the treatment.
For my part I can only advise to consult Doctor Manan Soni.
Small point of attention for the Hotel side, which no doubt will improve in the coming months.

Patrick B., 61 years, France, Autumn 2019

On ne vient pas par hasard faire un Pancha karma. On peut écouter et lire sur ces pratiques mais notre expérience est la seule qui vaille. J’ai été épaté de la précision avec laquelle Manan travaille sur chaque cas. Le secret est là, on est tous un et donc on ne peut prétendre ressentir les effets de la même manière que quiconque. Durant cette cure, on se fait sa propre spiritualité, celle qui nous convient, on passe par divers émotions, on apprend à écouter son corps et parfois à le comprendre. Ce Pancha karma a été très bénéfique mais le travail ne s’arrête pas là, à moi maintenant, de faire en sorte que ce bien-être perdure en respectant une certaine hygiène de vie. Ceci dit, il est plus facile de la respecter en Inde, au centre Bhawani, qu’ici en France. Toutefois, ce centre est à conseiller, le cadre est magnifique et Manan et sa famille sont aux petits soins pour tous les curistes.
Un grand merci.

Thierry P., France, Automne 2019

Souffrant de divers maux chroniques, j ai vu ces 10 dernières années un nombre incalculable de médecins et effectué une cinquantaine d’examens. Le verdict fut sans appel : les résultats sont normaux mais vous présentez les symptômes de la fibromyalgie, le mieux que l’on puisse faire est de vous mettre sous anti dépresseurs et anxiolytiques. J avais alors 20 ans….
Face à ce néant médical, et des douleurs de plus en plus insoutenables, je décide alors désespérée de m’ouvrir a d’autres médecines et commence alors un chemin initiatique.
C est dans cette perspective que j’atterris dans ce petit centre authentique et traditionnel, bien loin des Resort Ayurvédiques Indiens.
Ici, vous sortirez de votre zone de confort, et vous irez à la limite de ce que votre corps peut ingurgiter, mais vous deviendrez alors les acteurs de votre propre guérison, formidablement orchestre par Manan, le médecin du centre, dont la dévotion, le professionnalisme, et l’amour inconditionnel porté à ses patients m’ont profondément touchée.
Il a certes soigné mon corps, mais il m’a surtout fait comprendre à quel point la bienveillance et l’amour de soi sont primordiaux pour retrouver notre propre équilibre.
C est donc avec émotion et une immense gratitude que je quitte cet espace que j’ ai partagé avec des frères et des sœurs de cœur sans qui rien n’aurait été pareil.
Je remercie l’univers pour cette magnifique parenthèse.

Clarisse D., 29 ans, France, Automne 2019

Je suis praticienne en Ayurveda et professeur de Yoga du son. Mes différents voyages en Inde sont orientés autour de l’Ayurveda.
Mon cœur est à Bir depuis 2015, bien avant de rencontrer Manan et Emma en France en 2017.
L’Inde, l’Ayurveda et le Yoga sont les tuteurs de mon existence.
Je souhaite porter ma gratitude à l’Inde, aux Indiens et à Bir qui me sont d’une grande richesse d’enseignement.
Bir, concentre ce que j’aime, l’aspect rural de montagne, la cohabitation entre les peuples : Indiens et Tibétains, l’aspect spirituel : avec ses temples et moines, sans omettre sa réputation internationale de parapentistes et treckistes. Énergétiquement, ça envoi !
Le centre niché dans les contre-fort de l’himalaya offrent des conditions de cure, sans égal, tant par la qualité de l’accueil, que la pertinence des traitements et disponibilités H24 du Vaidya Manan Soni. La situation géographique en fait un havre de paix, en étant bien ancré dans la vie. La splendeur du paysage, des levers et couchers de soleil m’enchante. Il y a un souci constant d’améliorer l’existent. La nourriture y est excellente.
Le panchakarma, version Manan Soni, s’orchestre dans ce que j’experimente et apprend de l’Ayurveda. Bien plus qu’une guérison du corps, c’est un accompagnement vers la guérison de l’âme.
Alors, ouiiiii, Manan, Emma, MERCI d’être des gardiens de l’âme. Vive Panoramix !

Veronique S., 40 ans, France, Automne 2019

Je pratique une cure ayurvédique chaque année pendant 4 voire 5 semaines depuis 6 ans et je prends mon billet et entretemps le traitement que me prescrit le Dr Soni.
Petit à petit j’ai suivi aussi ses conseils quant à l’alimentation qui me convient, surtout cette année grâce à l’aide précieuse et compétente d’Emmanuelle par son implication pour le bien être de chaque personne.
Je suis très satisfaite de l’ensemble des soins du Dr SONI car mes problèmes de santé se sont grandement améliorés:
• Mal de dos avec tassement de 2 vertèbres lombaires dû à un accident
• Constipation chronique depuis la petite enfance
• Difficultés psychologiques dues à un deuil difficile
• Fatigue physique générale depuis la ménopause
Bien évidement rendez-vous est pris avec Emmanuelle et le Dr Soni pour ma 7ème cure à l’automne prochain dans la nouvelle clinique.
Merci à tous les deux.

Marie Hélène C.

J’ai consulté le Dr. Manan Soni par simple curiosité envers l’Ayurvéda. Le résultat s’est avéré très surprenant. Il m’a diagnostiqué, entre autres choses, des désordres au foie. Sans surprise pour moi, puisque du coté de mon père sévit des troubles du cholestérol et associés. J’ai donc fait immédiatement confiance au diagnostic. Il m’a prescrit des médicaments à base d’herbes et de minéraux, accompagnant une révision de mon régime alimentaire qui furent un challenge, mais définitivement faisable. Le résultat ? Mon taux de cholestérol total est descendu de 270 à 203 en une année (même, le traitement a commencé au milieu de celle-ci et n’était pas totalement termine lors de la seconde analyse). Bien sûr, la réduction totale peut aussi s’expliquer par le fait que durant l’année j’ai pratiqué le sport et un régime sain, néanmoins, n’importe quel docteur vous dira combien il est difficile de réduire le taux de cholestérol total simplement par le sport. Un de mes cousins venant de terminer son doctorat en médecine fut très surpris des résultats que j’affichais. Après quelques temps, il me contacta à nouveau pour me confirmer que les médicaments que je prenais avaient été soumis à analyses et vérifiés efficaces.

Christian C.
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