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Services & Pricing/Services & Tarifs


We offer Ayurvedic consultations, health assessment and diagnostic, advises, medicinal care, and deep treatments such as Panchakarma.

We also offer classes, learning retreats and trainings – theoretical and practical/onsite and online, coaching, conferences and seminaries.

It is advisable that you speak English though Hindi, French and Spanish can be translated.

We also can offer Astrologic readings and gems/lithotherapy suggestions.



We are located in Bir, a peaceful village famous for its Spiritual Aura and Adventurous landscapes in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded by ancestral trees and abundant nature. You will find all information here.



All information and background are detailed here.





We offer Ayurvedic consultations and assistance every day during our open hours, depending on our availability. Note that for an accurate reading, the pulse has to be taken in the very early morning on empty stomach hence it is advised to take an appointment before coming. During the consultation we will undergo a quick questionnaire about the current issues you face and health history and we will provide recommendations and suggest medicines to take and/or treatments to follow.

Medicinal only

Upon consultation we will advise you what type of medicine will be required to improve your health. In that case it is not mandatory to stay at the clinic. A follow up date will be provided upon consultation and we remain available anytime for questions or specific condition that may occur. This type of treatment is mostly prescribed to patients that do not suffer from chronic diseases or as a preparatory time for those who can not undergo the treatment before few months ( due to season, weather, unavailability due to work, traveling…)

Deep treatment ( Panchakarma )

This is advised for people willing to restore their health and are suffering from deep seated diseases, but also for healthy individuals looking for a maintenance of their health through a cleaning, stabilizing and Rejuvenative program

Health assessments

If you want to go further, we offer health assessments to suit anyone looking for a deep health status and wanting to thoroughly understand the troubles occurring and their root cause. You will go home with a detailed diagnostic and with food, lifestyle and holistic advises. Medicine and/or treatment can be advised and it will be up to you to follow-up or book regarding it. It usually lasts 1 to 2 hours. The health assessment is obviously inherent and integrated to the Panchakarma.

Individualized food chart and regimen

Nowadays, it is unfortunately common to read charts of prohibited and recommended food items based on doshas, and also general health claims and superfoods allegations. Many practitioners or internet sources claim that this is good or this is bad for a Vata, Pitta, Kapha person. It can not be farther from the truth. Each person is unique, with a unique metabolism, a unique constitution and health status, a unique digestive capacity. There is a world of difference between two “Vata-Pitta” persons for example. The diet prescribed only based on doshas is erroneous and moreover because it not only depends upon the food but upon its quality, time of eating, preparation, cooking method and many other factors. Nowadays, there is almost as many type of regimen as there are grain of sands in an hand : paleo, raw, green juices, macrobiotic,etc. most of the time creating a lot of trouble( that manifests after years ) and letting people nothing but lost while looking for a solution or knowledge. Those diets are very recent and are a false response to the crisis currently faced, only an ancestral and proven medicine such as Ayurveda can be the correct and the appropriate foundation for a healthy daily life. We offer that service on top of the treatment and consultations, on demand.

Terminal care

We are disheartened to see senior people facing poor conditions of life while being affected by very advanced diseases such as degenerative diseases such as loss of cognitive function or advanced diseases such as cancer. Their misery lead them to depression, lack of support, loss of hope. Here, we aim at treating the root cause, the symptoms and/or the side effects of an allopathic treatments followed and offer a decent way to live. Sometimes, the ultimate objective is not to completely cure the disease but to make life livable again, psychologically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is specific for people above 60 years old, either handicapped, facing a strong disease, diagnosed incurable, dependent on an allopathic treatment, etc.

Astrology : Birth theme and readings

Astrology as it is mostly used nowadays is not corresponding at all to the ancient art of reading the stars and the planets, which has always been practiced since ancient times. The tropical astrology or modern one is fixing a sign accordingly to your birth date and is absolutely inaccurate. It was true at the time of its creation under Ptolemy, but has never been updated since lacking to take in account the precession of equinoxes. The real astrology as it is used in India, South America, Egypt, and many traditions is sidereal and define your sign and the influences on your personality accordingly to your birth place, birth time and birth date.

It is very useful to understand one’s path of Life and events that can occur. It provides clarification and understanding of external forces and energies that play a role in our lives, as we are all submitted to it.

We offer birth theme reading if you are curious to discover your real sign and have more clues in your healing process.

It can also includes gems and lithotherapy suggestions accordingly.

House Harmonization

Using Geobiology and Vastu Shastra, we help you to balance and harmonize the energies of your living place or work place.

Please contact us for details.



We offer various courses and learning sessions, online or onsite. To know the different courses offered, the calendar and the modalities, please contact us at contact.bhawaniayurveda@gmail.com


We would be delighted to contribute to spread Ayurvedic knowledge for advanced or amateur public. To organize such sessions, please contact us at contact.bhawaniayurveda@gmail.com .

Please check our Program  to know the dates and location of our visits in Europe and Quebec.



For all details please read here.



During the whole time you are advised to stay at the Centre. The medicine you take is prone to change anytime depending on how the treatment evolves and how you react to it. Hence, it is mandatory that you remain available nearby so we can foresee and adjust daily upon the needs. However, it is possible for you to have a room in another place or hotel and stay a the Centre during the day. Also, you are to preserve your energy and remain quiet as the treatment is very energy consuming. During your free time at the beginning of the cure and in between treatments, still you can have some time to visit and we can arrange a taxi and guide at lower rates.



Upon receiving the booking form that you will fill with your information and health history, we will be able to tell you the number of days/weeks that are ideally required. The minimal duration is 3 weeks and it can go up to 6 weeks or more.



The total cost of the cure is to be paid upon the first consultation ( Transfer, Cash or Card at your convenience.) Please note that 30% minimum is due in cash.

Prices are based on a minimum exchange rate of 75 INR = 1 EUR.

The prices are all inclusive: the 3 daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the Panchakarma treatment and the room.

Sharing room is only available for two people coming together  and knowing each other.

Post treatment, you may be suggested to take some medicines for some time (from months to years) in order to continue and/or maintain the effects of the cure. The cost is additional and vary accordingly to the type of medicines and the duration needed. Price range is approximately from 200 Eur to 600 Eur for one year and has to be paid in cash.

To book the treatment, we ask for a deposit of :

  • 600 Eur for a 3 weeks treatment
  • 750 Eur for a 4 weeks treatment
  • 900 Eur for a 5 weeks treatment
  • 1200 Eur for a 6 weeks treatment

For more information, questions or for booking please use the Contact form.