The Centre



Let’s be clear, we are not a SPA nor a Wellness Centre. We are an Ayurvedic Centre working with natural herbs and plants as well as Gems, Mantras, etc. and all arts of ancient healing to help patients suffering from chronic diseases, acute diseases, as well as healthy folks willing to maintain their health and longevity.

Our Centre is opened since 2013 and receiving international patients yearly. We welcome people from all around the world, mostly European countries, to be healed by Dr. Soni and Emmanuelle. We regularly receive patients from France, Russia, Italia, Germany, Canada, USA,ready to open their lives to new possibilities and to balance.

We are located in Bir, a small village in the foothills of Himalaya in Himachal Pradesh, in North India.

We are closed for therapies during winter months and summer (monsoon) time we dedicate to seminaries, courses, conferences and consultations mostly in Europe ( France, Swiss ) and Canada ( Quebec, Montreal ).

The atmosphere

The Centre is built up in the familial home and the Dr.Soni and Emmanuelle are also living in the Centre in order to be the closest and the most available for patients. The Centre is also a guest house, hosting paragliding people, travelers and offering restaurant services.


We have 3 floors , the ground offers 1 room with attached bathroom and without balcony.

  • The 1st floor offers 4 rooms with attached bathroom and with balcony as well as a Meditation room, an additional kitchen that can be rent if needed, a small very sunny terrace, a teaching/desk room with a wonderful sun exposure and view. Also, a private bathroom.

The 2nd and 3rd floors were built in 2016-2017.

  • The 2nd floor is dedicated to therapies with 3 cosy therapy rooms, the Dr’s Room and Desk, and a Sitting area for reading and relaxing. Also, a common bathroom and a bathroom for therapies fully equiped.
  • The 3rd floor offers 2 rooms with attached bathroom, balcony and unmatched landscape views. Also on this floor is situated the sunny Restaurant with terrace , one common bathroom, one private bathroom, a hand washing station, and a vast open terrace right in front of the Himalayas.

The Centre is built around a small familial garden (not accessible to patients ) where Orange and Lemon trees offer they beauty day after day, for our delight and the one of stunning butterflies.

  • Internet

WiFi connectivity is available throughout the Centre.

  • Rooms

All rooms have attached bathroom and are fully furnished : large bed and bed setting, closet or almari, fully furnished bathroom ( No bathtub ) , towels, Ayurvedic soap. They are neat and clean.
The room can be shared by two or one can stay alone.

We named each room over a flower’s name in Sanskrit, as for us Nature safeguard and plant education is of the upmost importance.

  • Kumud (Water Lily) room : Ground Floor
  • Japa (Hibiscus), Laksha (Rose) and Padma (Lotus), Parijata (Night-flowering coral jasmine) : 1st Floor
  • Shampak (Golden Shower Tree) and Aparajita (Butterfly peas) : 3rd Floor – those rooms include a small desk with a desk chair

Each rooms has its own specificity ( particular design, sun exposure, view, etc.) and you can see each of them here.

Price vary accordingly to the choice.

  • Bathrooms

Bathroom have toilet, sink and shower ( no bathtub ). They are private for each room.

Additional private/common bathrooms are available on each floors.

  • Kitchen

Our Kitchen is located on the 3rd Floor where is also located the Restaurant and the Open Terrace. It is not accessible to patients except if courses or on specific request.

  • Open Terrace

Surrounded by and facing the beauty of the mountains, one can surely forget it all under the sun.

  • Common spaces

The Centre offers a teaching/desk room for one to study or to work, a Meditation Room ( 1st Floor ) and a Sitting/Reading area (2nd floor ).

  • Therapy rooms

3 Therapy rooms named after great ancient authors and eminent Ayurvedic physicians : Dhavantari, Shusrut and Carak are reserved on the 2nd floor, designed and furnished for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.